Fisherfield Raid 02/05/2022

I had this planned for some time, May Day public holiday and settled weather so it was good to go. I would rather do a long day with help of mountain bike, than overnight lugging a big pack round. Plan was to cycle in from Kinlochewe, up to Lochan Fada. Drop my bike, then loop round to the east crossing over Bealach na Croise and walk straight up the Sgurr Ban slabs to GM/NS-010

Set off just before 0600z and made good time, easy cycling up from Heights of Kinlochewe

Then really excellent single track mountain biking, great fun

Nice path snaking its way towards Lochan Fada, where I left (hid!) my bike

Crossing Bealach na Croise, pretty much pathless

Way ahead

I stuck to higher ground on left, away from peat hags

Southerly Sgurr Ban slabs, I headed a bit further north to take the more straight route up

Nice path! Just head straight up!

Slab almost goes right down to Loch an Nid!

Slab stretches from about 300m elevation to about 800m where it turns to boulders!

Summit of Sgurr Ban GM/NS-010, anticlimax!

Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair GM/NS-006, second summit of the day and a more impressive summit. Path goes up the centre through scree & boulders.

Looking back at Sgurr Ban GM/NS-010, top just in cloud and ascent route to the right.

Activation of Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair GM/NS-006, only HF CW with KX2 and 11m Inverted L. No 2m today.

Centre is final summit of the day Beinn Tarsuinn GM/NS-016

Back at first two summits from Beinn Tarsuinn GM/NS-016

Sun is out! Towards Lochan Fada & Loch Maree with the strange elevated tennis court on the ridge!

Almost back to my bike with Slioch GM/NS-011 across Lochan Fada.

Track of walking loop, straight east to west up Sgurr Ban slabs!

It was a fast 45 minute back out to Kinlochewe, trip was worth it for the mountain biking alone! I didnt think band conditions were too good, also activity a bit lower as to be expected on a week day. Highlight was being called on 20m by Fred KT5X, Mike NW7E & JW/LB8CG for some real dx.

Definitely a very civilised way to visit the Fisherfields. I could have been in the Kinlochewe Hotel having a pint at 1615z, If I had not been driving back home… Thanks to all the chasers as ever.
73 Gavin


Well done Gavin. It looks a most interesting round of summits. I was pleased to work you on the first one, mis-timed my lunch to coincide with your second one and I think you were 20m only on the last one. I didn’t see a spot for 40m, but sometimes they come so fast that it’s hard to keep track.

I think this trio are a bit far north for me, but who knows?

73, Gerald

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Sorry I missed you - but I did manage a quick 30m QSO with you when you were on Sgurr Mor a few days earlier. That looks an impressive summit.


Indeed! I backpacked from the east to near Loch an Nid and ended up with two nights out to do the Fisherfield Munros. Nice route idea!

Great report!

That’s a great day out you had Gavin. Nice bike & hike, decent WX, good fun on the radio and all done before midge season begins.

Just the other half of the Fisherfield 6 to do! Hope you can find a reasonable and bog free way of achieving that.

Those slabs would be a nice bike descent à la Danny Macaskill


I looked at that route in from Loch a Bhraoin in east also, probably about the same distances involved. Reports seem to suggest the track is less good for the bike with more boulders and sandy patches. Richard M1HAX is the only one brave (mad!) enough to do the classic backpack with radio. Colwyn seems to have split to 3 summits each excursion. I havn’t done Beinn a’Chlaidheimh, it would have been a big effort to add that in a day. Perhaps a day trip for that one, but demoted and not a Munro now so an easier decision to omit that. I did the two westerly Munros last year by bike from Poolewe so all done as far as Munros.

I spotted this when doing my planning Fraser, but this guy wont give Danny MacAskill much competition :rofl:


By 13cms if I remember correctly :wink:

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Yeah, my expedition was to do the Fisherfield Munros in one go. Before SOTA existed in 1999 and long before I was a licenced radio amateur.

My son is keen to do these ones with me. We’d always assumed that the classic bog swimming and river wading route from Shenevall bothy would be the way we’d do it.

I may have to re-exmine that, based on your excellent bike’n’hike route, Gavin.


Looks amazing, wish we had this kind of adventure in Minnesota!

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