First Z3-SOTA activations

  1. The first Z3-SOTA activation was from summit Z3/WM-048 (848m) on 02.05 2009 using my personal callsign Z35M/p.
    Activity was on 7Mc, 10Mc and 14 Mc all CW and the total of 51 QSOs were made including few s2s (HA6OY/p, HA7UL/p, HE8AFI/p, F/HB9AFI/p, LA1KHA/p).
    The fist ever QSO from Z3- SOTA was with DJ5AA following the calls of HA5MA, HA3FZ and HA5LV.
    I was using Alinco DX-70T, 5W, 7 Ah battery, Inv-Vee Link Dipole for 20/30/40m, and 5m fishing pole.

  2. The second Z3-SOTA activation was from summit Z3/WM-040 (1453m) on 03.05 2009 also as Z35M/p.
    A total of 26 CW QSOs were made on 7 Mc and 10 Mc, using the same equipment as day before on Z3/WM-048. The first caller was 9A7W followed by 9A4MF, 9A2AA and HB9AGH.

  3. Next activations are planed from Z3/WM-046 (1066m) and Z3/EM-014 (514m).

                                                      Vlado, Z35M

In reply to Z35M:
FB Vlado

Glad to hear your got the association on the air for the first time. Sorry I missed you.

Vy 73 Marc G0AZS

In reply to G0AZS:
Vlado kindly sent me pictures of himself activating the first Z3 summits. He also asked they be posted in the Flickr group and can be seen here:

Thanks Vlado and obviously that’s him in the photos and not me!

73 Marc G0AZS