First VK Mountain Goat qualified today

Congratulations must go to Wayne VK3WAM, the VK3 Association Manager.

This morning (local time in VK3) Wayne activated three 6-point summits to tip his Activator score over the 1000 point mark.

Wayne has been the most prolific Activator in VK following VK3 becoming the first VK Association in February 2012. Despite his busy schedule in recent months, Wayne has been well out in front with his Activator score compared to others here in VK.

Wayne’s activations have varied for short and sharp events on days when he has activated 3, 4 or 5 summits in a day, with most requiring significant walking, to multi-day bushwalks in the Victorian Alps picking up juicy 10-point summits, many of which have not yet had a second activation attempt.

Now that VK2 and VK4 are live, and working progressing on VK6 and VK7, SOTA activity continues to grow. The first year of activity was hard work for Activators, often requiring very significant times of calling to qualify a summit, and the occasional unsuccessful activation (no points gained). The dog piles experienced today a very different experience!

A big thank you to Wayne for all the work done in getting SOTA going in VK, in promoting the activity and for all the summits activated.

Peter VK3PF

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Congratulations Wayne!


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Well said Peter Wayne’s efforts are worth a front cover of AR mag along with the story.
de Ian vk5cz …

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Congratulations Wayne, great achievement!

Roger MW0IDX

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Many congratulations Wayne.

Karen 2E0XYL