First Super sloth in Canada

Its an honor to mention Jean VE2JCW took advantage of the NA SOTA weekend to get 10000 chaser points, thanks to a QSO with Pat KI4SVM on 40. Jean is the first 10K chaser in Canada and I can say its well deserved.

73 Jean

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Congratulations Jean for making Super Sloth and being the first in Canada. All the best. de Scotty

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Congrats Jean on making Super Sloth. I did it today too in the W0 association. This was definitely the weekend for SOTA points.

Keep having fun and thanks for the contacts and points.

In reply to VE2JCW and W0MNA:

Jean and Gary,

Congratulations to you both on Super Slothdom. It just wouldn’t be a SOTA pileup without your potent signals.

Phil, NS7P

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Good job, Jean!!!
Martha WoERI

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Félicitations et bonne chance pour votre prochaine 1000

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Welcome to the 151st member of the Supersloths!

Its amazing to think that at one time Supersloth seemed a near-impossible target!


Brian G8ADD

Congratulations Jean on achieving the Super Sloth.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congrats Jean, great accomplishment.

Always enjoy working your find CW signal on the bands. Nice Fists sir.

John N0EVH

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Congratulations Jean. Very glad to hear this.

Malcolm VE2DDZ

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Thank you all! it is very appreciated your comments …

Merci de vos commentaires … c’est tres apprécié :slight_smile: