First SOTA with 705 and Backpack

As has been mentioned, the backpack is small, but just about large enough for a simple activation.
I got all my radio kit in it, plus butties and a flask.
I mainly wanted the the 705 for transverting, but as the WX was reasonable yesterday, I could not resist a quick activation of my local one Blackcombe G/LD-030.
I knocked up a quick Slim Jim and attached to the aerial mounting plate on the side of the backpack.
One big problem I had, I wonder if I’m doing something wrong.
When walking with the radio switched on, the three multifunction knobs get compressed by the zip up front cover on the bag, causing the radio to constantly be beeping, not only that, it’s keeping the screen alive and draining the battery.
Has anyone else found this ?

Nick G0HIK




Ha ha! Nice to work you yesterday, Nick. 73 John G0MHF

RE: that antenna !
That’s “Horizontical” !


Hi Nick
Re the 705 for transverting - can you set the display to show the transverted tx frequency?
705 tx 432Mhz to transverter, xvert tx on 2.4ghz, 705 display shows 2.4ghz?

Hi Tim,
As far as I know you cant set the dial frequency for a transverter offset, but I’ve not investigated that yet. I’ll check it out, if it does I’ll post back on here.

Nick G0HIK

Thanks Nick
Good work on the microwave activation this morning.

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Odd pop trivia: this is almost exactly the same as the 1988 one-hit wonder by German group Freiheit.

Yes, when it’s running from the internal battery, the screen times out after so long of inactivity.

BTW, I’ve sussed it.

When walking you lay the radio on it’s back in the backpack, there is even two rubber strips to hold it in position and simply spin it round when you want to operate.
It a good backpack, but to transport it in the correct orientation would be more useful.

Nick G0HIK