First sota HF activation

Having a day free of the dreaded work I decided today would be the day for my first H.F activation.I chose G-TW005 Normanby Top as its only 20miles from home, quiet, ideal for a trial session.I set up a fishing pole supported inverted v dipole found a clear frequency on 40m spotted myself within minutes G0RQL had responded to my cq call thanks Don.Next qso was an interesting one GM0BRU/A Mike on holiday on South Uist and planning to do some activations of his own.Had an enjoyable qso with PA3FYG telling me about his many sota activations,also thanks for HB9CSA spotting me.In all I had 13 contacts on a band that was not in good shape thanks to the chasers.Im now ready for the next one!
73 G7CNM Dave

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Hi Dave,
congrats for your 1st and successful SOTA-activation on HF.
Your signal was nice over here in JN49HQ, even with
lots of local QRN. Hope to meet you again soon!

Vy73 Fritz DL4FDM (HB9CSA)

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Glad you enjoyed yourself. You do know it’s addictive and there’s no cure? :wink:

I think maybe your contact could have been with Mike GM0BPU/A rather GM0BRU/A. He’s both a keen chaser and has operated from up there in the past.


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Nice to work you for the first time during your fist activation.
My xyl and I did about 190 summits in 14 assosiations now, starting sept 2008.
This is mostly in our holiday. The 4 “summits” in PA are no real fun.
I infected at least one OM, Sake PA0SKP who visited me in S5.
I hope you are infected now and I can work you again.

73 de Hans PA3FYG.

In reply to MM0FMF:
Thanks Andy I think your right just checked oops easy to slip up isnt it?
Dave G7CNM.