First SOTA activations, hooked! :-)

A couple pictures from my first SOTA activations: LA/AA-066 and -107.
Really fun, thanks for all the QSO’s. Headed for LA/AA-054 tonight, plan to reach the summit around 9UTC tomorrow +/- wx and mountain condx.
Funny the be the first activator, feels like you’re the first climber at the summit altogether. Well, bringing a radio, you sure are :smiley: My rig is the HB-1B, Palm Minipaddles (with the code cube insert) and a GP cut for 14.060.

Made a couple vids too:

(sorry for the F-word when the pileup hit… I was totally unprepared for that amount of activity)

Hope to hear you on the bands!
Best 73 de OZ1LQO


Nice one Soeren. Always nice to sit and listen to others activations.
You can always tell when you’ve been spotted!
Glad you’re hooked. When condx improve, the pileups will be huge :smile:
Have fun.


Yah, well this was my first summit - I was really surprised how well 3W and a GP can perform. Just got back from LA/AA-054, a longer hike, tenting last night in abt 7C, then doing the peak this morning. 20 q’s in about an hour, it’s amazing. And absolutely NO noise, it’s like a dream come true :slight_smile: Cheers / 73

Great to work you Soren - you had an early start today, but now I see why you were a happy camper from what I read… Nice clear 549 signal coming into north east England on 14061 KHz this morning. The HB1B is very popular and a quite unique transceiver. HB1B + CW + low noise = successful activation!

Good luck in SOTA, sounds like we will be hearing you again from a summit.

VK SOTAs (VK5-VK2) coming in well this morning on 20m long path - autumn prop conditions coming early?

73 de Phil G4OBK
SOTA Chaser & Activator

PS It’s good to activate a “Unique” SOTA on your very first activation! Getting harder to do now due to the popularity of this branch of our great hobby…

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