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First shack-sloth in SM


Congrats to SM3TLG for reaching 1000 chaser points!


In reply to SM1TDE:
Thanks Eric for the congratulations. Without competition from you I would have taken it easier, HI! So now looking forward to activate some SM-summits in June.
73 Hans / SM3TLG


In reply to SM1TDE:

Congratulations to SM3TLG for reaching 1000 chaser points keep up the good work it won’t be long before you are passing me with your chaser score.
Regards Nigel Supper sloth.


In reply to DH8DX:
Hello Dan and many thanks for the congrats. I could not have done it so quick without your help and your many excellent expeditions. You are always one of the easiest to work up here with excellent signals, and perfect op skills, so keep up the good work. I will do some orienteering the coming weekends so not to much time for radio. Yes Eric will certainly be the next shack-sloth and he is doing very good PR for SOTA in Sweden and also in his blogg.

73 Hans / SM3TLG


In reply to SM3TLG:

Congratulations Hans for the Shack Sloth! Good work!

My shack is in the woods around Västerås and Nyköping as /P so I hope to get this award one day, but it will take some time for me…

73 / Chris


In reply to SM3TLG:
Magnificent effort Hans…well done!

It seems that SOTA in Sweden is well and truly up and running… and I’m sure there will be many more to follow with the activities of Eric, Chris and many other SM OM’s.

73 Marc G0AZS (SM7ZAU)


In reply to G0AZS:
Thanks to all for the congrats. Although I also worked a few SOTA-stations until the end of last year, my SOTA-interest increased dramaticlly at the beginning of this year when Norby LX1NO and Manu LX2LX visited me, so thanks also to you for showing me SOTA-photos and for all other information. I am impressed by the work that Chris SM5KRI is putting into SOTA so that also summits in SM-land can be activated for SOTA from June.

73 Hans / SM3TLG