First outing with MTR2 - Mynydd Mawr

Easter Sunday, up Mynydd Mawr, GW/NW-026, with my newly-built KD1JV MTR2 (Mountain Topper). Spectacular weather. Many nice QSOs. 4 x S2S. Hard to beat! :sunglasses:

MTR on Mynydd Mawr

In this one the tunes have kindly been provided by the birds.

73, Simon


Fantastic !!

I know that summit well.



Well done Simon, congrats!
Which of the MTR-2 mods discussed on the yahoo group did you perform/not perform?

Looks nice Simon.
Glad the MTR went well. I’ve been too busy with other things to get out over Easter.
Look forward to some MTR-MTR contacts in the future :smile:


Thanks Heinz.

I made Steve’s mods to the RX filters and the increased reedback R at AF. I didn’t add any C to the LM386. I might try that next, or I might just build an external amplifier.


Thanks Pete. Yes, I’ll be looking out for you.

I’m very please with the MTR. The only thing is, it makes me concious of just how heavy everything else is - Czech straight key, coax, fishing pole. I think my battery pack (and regulator) is twice as heavy as it needs to be. I’m thinking of 3-off LiFePO4 AA-size - should run it for a while.


Thanks Simon,
Will try now to obtain the parts.
73 cu, Heinz

I’ve put together a portable station with an MTR (or ATS3B). Everything (including the pole) weighs 1.3Kg.

In your case I’d replace the Czech key with a palm paddle, the battery as you suggest with a 3 cell LiPo and use an EFHW which will get rid of most of the coax.

Colin G8TMV

Thanks Colin.

[My replies on AT_Sprint seem to be stuck- it’s not moderated is it?]

I’m inclined to try an American Morse Equipment Porta-Paddle. How long is your pole? I’m collecting parts to make some traps for EFHW according to VK3IL recipe.


No it’s not. I can see a Fatal Error in the reflector logs that a duplicate post was made. I don’t know what it means but putting 2+2 together, I think a bug/network issue/SUE happened when you were trying to post. Not surprising there’s Javascript running on the user’s browser, there’s Ruby running on the server, plus a web server and SQL inserts/selects running all held together with consumer grade internet connections!

I don’t think AT_Sprint is normally moderated, but it is Yahoo so it’s defined as being unreliable :smile:

The American Morse paddle looks good, metal so heavier than the palm paddle but I suspect it has better ‘feel’.

As for poles, my lightweight station uses a 6m one. My more normal SOTA station uses a 9m pole with a link dipole for 60-40-30-20-15-10 on it and my FT-817.

Colin G8TMV

Stuck on the AT_Sprint Yahoo group Andy, not here. Nothing surprises me with Yahoo.

Arf! Everything surprises me about Yahoo. Normally you only fix software if it’s broken. With Yahoo the aim seems to be to break everything so they can justify fixing it. Then when it works, break it again and leave it broken for a while!

I wonder what that error means…

Nice video Simon, great views. The little MTR V2 is a great little portable rig.

Roger MW0IDX

Nice walk, nice video, great scenery and a lovely hill - know it well. They really ought to stop the local council tipping rubble on the top there, though… :wink:


Nice video & pics. And TNX fer S2S
The MTR v2 rocks…

73 Angel /P (unmodified MTR v2 owner)

Thanks for the nice comments.

Tomorrow the kids are going to an indoor climbing centre, so I get to play on the real thing. I’ll be doing the Nantlle Ridge with the MTR2. I’ve alerted for 10.1MHz but may well use the linked dipole again rather than single-band verticals, so possibly 40m and/or 20m…

Time at 2nd summit (Trum-y-Ddysgl - in the pic at start of thread) is a bit of a guess.


Very nice Simon, I did it on Saturday! First time for SOTA and first time to the summit in maybe 10 years. Nice hill.

Sorry I missed you Gerald. Just too late - probably drove past you. I need to chase Mynydd Mawr for complete.

73, Simon

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Nantlle Ridge

Thanks everybody for the QSOs yesterday. The MTR performed well. I’m working on a report.

Mynydd Enlli - Bardsey

Just to note that I’m alerting for another activation tomorrow, 9th April. This will be for Mynydd Enlli on Bardsey Island (Ynys Enlli). As we have only a few hours to explore the island and I’ll have the family with me I’ll have to make it a short one, probably 40-m ssb with the FT-817. I will try to work as many as possible before pulling the plug. Jamie, MW6TJC/P, will probably take his 4 as well.

73, Simon

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