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First ON tripple mountain goat

Today, Franz ON9CBQ/DL3RBF achieved his 3rd mountain goat on FL/VO-092 … in style.

Peter ON4UP
ON association manager


Hi Franz
Congratulations, good to see that you are still clocking up the points!

Congratulations to the 3 mountain goat, Franz
73 Markus in3adf

Congratulations Franz! No luck on 40 meter sofar on yourr FL/VO trip. 73 Karel

Congratz Franz,

keep on activating, nice job sofar. Next 4Goat.

Frank (almost 2goat)

Franz,congratulations and well done.Pleasure to work you.
Have a good day.73 Don G0RQL.

Congratulations Franz!

Hello Franz,

My best wishes and congratulations to your 3rd MG succes.
Good luck and 73, bye

Hansjoerg (alias John) OE7PHI

Bravo Franz!
Congrats on your 3x MG achievement.
73, Woody/K1LB

Congrats on your TRIPLE MG Franz !
But shouldn’t you have celebrated it with a Belgian style TRIPEL ? :wink:
Luc, ON7DQ

Congratulations Franz, you should celebrate with a Westvleteren Tripel (Abt) :+1:

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Franz! Einmal Goat immer Goat :wink: !

73, Sylvia

Congratulations, Franz, for the amazing achievement. 3xMG is a really hard work and lots of activations. Thank you for so many SOTAs you’ve given me along the several QSOs we’ve had, including a S2S.
I hope to keep chasing you for longer times.


Herzlichen Glückwunsch Franz!
Am Weg zu Deiner dritten Goat durften wir mit Dir in einer unvergeßlichen
Bike Touur die Maas entlang und hinauf zum Sint Pietersberg radeln.
Lindemanns Krick Bier haben wir bei uns entdeckt. Prost Franz!
vy 73 de Susi und Karl

Congratulations Franz!

Keith KR7RK

Just back from the FL/VO tour, it was great !

Thank you all for the friendly remarks, and
especially to my “top chaser” Don G0RQL …thank you!
Now we go for the 4K…

73 de Franz

Congratulations to the 3 mountain goat, Franz!
73 de Rumen / LZ2AF


freue mich immer, euch unterwegs von unterwegs zu hören. Weiterhin viele frohe Stunden mit Summits on the Air!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ