First Milestone

I have just reached the first 100 points after becoming involved with SOTA by chance. On 1st Feb this year I made my first contact on 5mhz after applying for the NOV with G3RMD/p (Frank). It was a further 2+ weeks before I used 5mhz again. I worked a few more SOTA stations & thought I needed to look into this more.
I checked out the SOTA website & decided to register. As time went on I found myself looking at the SOTAwatch site & contacting SOTA stations on 40m & 80m,as well as 60m. In mid March I decided to upload my log into the database. Today I have just made 101 points after speaking with GM4COX/p (Jack).
I am really enjoying chasing the points & look forward to many more contacts with all the activators as I endeavour to achieve the “Shack Sloth” status.
Regards to all involved with SOTA,
M0VEY Phil.

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Congratulations Phil on reaching your first goal as a chaser. This sota business is very addictive as you have probably already found out, hi.
Good luck with the next 100.

73 Mike GW0DSP

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Well done Phil. Who knows but maybe you will get the urge to try an activation soon too? If so, there are plenty of people here who will be more than happy to give advice.



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I have just reached the first 100 points after becoming involved
with SOTA by chance

Congratulations Phil! Now only another 900 to go until you have Shack Sloth status. That shouldn’t take you too long to achieve! Thanks for the contact last Saturday when I was on NW-047, that helped me break through 100 activator points in my first 6 months.