First ISW

Hi to all in sundry…

Well I’ve just had my first ISW and can say I’m truly hooked on what I was listening to. I’m a little limited on bands I can use as the only truly portable rig I’ve got is an FT60-e but I’m looking into a Yaesu FT817 for future activations but I’ve got a HF rig at home which I’m hopefully getting a antenna for in the near future so I can do a bit of chasing too!

I checked the Reflector posts on Sunday morning and was delighted to see that G0CQK/P was activating G/TW-002 Drake howe on Cringle moor so I thought I’d tune in and give him a call.

His signal came booming through with a solid 59 and my return was 59 likewise…something to do with the fact there is nothing between my QTH in Stockton and Cringle moor (I can see it from my front door!) and the fact I’m on the highest point of my estate. So we exchanged pleasantries and I bid good luck and 73’s but listened in…G0CQK/P was getting calls left right and centre from the area, think I heard one from Durham who was about 33 with an S3 on me but up there was 59 which didn’t come as a surprise to me!

So with chasing a SOTA, listening to what it was about and hopefully gonna do a bit more activating than chasing, I can safely say I’m hooked and can’t wait until I can get in the hills to activate my self and hopefully log a few SOTA addicts along the way.

73’s and thanks to the founder(s) of this program and thanks to G0CQK (Jim) for my first SOTA contact.

Denny (M3HSJ)

In reply to M3HSJ:
Hi Denny
Pleased you had a good time. I was on Urra Moor too on Sunday morning with 2m/70cm SSB and HF. It was a bit windy you could say, and the 70cm beam was better suited to working satalites on more than on occasion! Other than the wind the weather was pretty kind to us (My nine year old son was on the “expedition” too), and the ice cream in the car park was very welcome on return to the low lands. Take off from Urra Moor is fantastic in all directions and 20w of SSB to 4 ele worked wonders. You will have a lot of fun with the FT60, I have one that I connect to a j-pole ( ), 200Km is not uncommon from high ground, even better if you can self spot - or have a mate to spot you. I managed about 20 contacts from Kinder Scout (2m FM)a couple of weeks ago with a j-pole strapped to a fishing pole. Anyway, the main thing is to have fun…
Catch you S2S soon.

In reply to G4YTD:

Hi Tim

I think I seen your spot on the reflector and was gutted I couldn’t get onto 2m/70cm SSB…well I could have if I had something to power my 706…!!! but that along with a HF antenna is something I’m looking to rectify in the near future.

I’m looking at doing my first activation soon one of the TW’s on my doorstep…TW-003 Guisborough moor, as I can get there by bus and being a bus driver I get free travel…bonus!

well 73’s hope to catch you S2S

Denny (M3HSJ)