First HB9 Swiss activation for me

If any one is on the air around 14:45 UTC Tuesday May 16, I’ll be trying to do my first HB9 activation near Bern.

I’ll be on HB/BE-111 operating 40m and 20m phone using my KX2 into an end fed.

Paul W6PNG

Hi Paul,
I’ll listen but I suspect you’re to close (skip distance) for me on those bands.

73 Ed.

Thanks Ed and maybe 40m will work.


Thanks to all that chased me today and enabled me to “nab” another association!

It was fun and the WX really spectacular and a nice change from the recent days.


Thanks for the contact Paul,good to work you on 40.Have a good stay and may be one day we will make it across the Atlantic to you. 73 Don G0RQL.

Glad it worked out OK - looks like 40m was “short” today, I was surprised to hear you, but very glad we made the contact.

Any more activations planned while you’re over in Europe Paul?



I too was happy we made it on 40m.

We head to Prague this Friday and hope to do one activation there Monday or Tuesday May 22/23.

After that I have 4-5 days carved out to to tackle the English Lake District on a more serious basis than today’s activation over June 3-7 period. Hope the WX is better than M0VED’s recent account.


Definitely on a trans Atlantic contact.

Before that l’m up the the G/LD area June 3-7 hoping for good (passable?) WX and propagation.