First for me :-)

Well that was a first for me
First time i have been chased by an activator ??

Was working DM2AXL/p on DM/TH-119 14280 and straight afterwards some one shouted Karl drop 5kz. So one did to 14275 and it was Pom calling me DG7ACF/p from
DM/TH-828 so ended up working another German Sota after being chased by a activator.

Thanks for that one Tom

another one bagged


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Tnx fr qso. Know you always appreciate another summit! :wink:
Still on th-828, condx been difficult today on 20m. Lots of noise and statics. 20 though seems the only working band.

Case on!

Hi pom yep seems that way 15 is dead and 40 crowed with french contests but is hearing some states side on 20m.

Big thanks again i certainly do


Yes 15 as dead as 10. Will try 17m now. Na seemd to get up.


Americans appearing on 15m now


thank you for S2S :wink: