First ever QSO! (also apologies)

I often wonder what is the magic between a SOTA summits and newly licenced Foundation call sign holders.

I’ve lost count of how many M6 call sign holders who have told me I’m there first ever call …especially from G/SP-004. Maybe, when they hear a pile-up it gives them the courage to pick up the mike.

There have been four or five full call holders, who had been QRT for years that have called me on a SOTA summit, who have told me it’s their first call in umpteen years.

Good luck to Wayne M6AZY who plucked up the courage to call me on GW/NW-061 Y Golfa, for not only his first ever contact, but a nice SOTA summit into the bargain.

Apologies to the Chasers wanting to work me on HF from GW/NW-061 Y Golfa, but I was washed off, blown off and hailstoned off the trig point along with most of my equipment which got drowned :frowning:

Thanks to the chasers who made it on VHF.

73 Mike

In reply to 2E0YYY: As a pretty new chaser ,i appreciate every summit that everyone of you activators manage do, come hail , rain or shine there is always someone about ,thanks Mike and everyone else concerned ,
Gez M0NTC I082XL

In reply to M0NTC:
I concur with the previous Gentlemen, as I too appreciate the activators time and effort (and through all wx’s) to achieve their goal whilst the the chaser sits in the warm obtaing the same point/s. Many thanks Activators.