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First EA3 mountain goat: EA3HP

Hello Stephan, I already realized that day was your second activity, I consider EA3 / BC-052 a perculiar summit, you like to come in my area, I suppose to escape the cold of Basel, hahaha I’m glad.
see you soon stephan
Daniel 73

Hi Daniel,

Actually, Castell de Besora was my third summit on that day (after EA3/GI-067 and EA3/GI-057 that is also very nice, both unactivated before) of total 8 activations, when I was in EA3. I always had to plan pretty spontaneously, due to other commitments.
And yes, this summit was very special to me, due to its location and the nearby castle(s). Probably the nice weather with unusual warm temperatures also helped.
I think the photos I uploaded to sotl.as speak for themselves, but they can’t show the whole beauty. I will create a video of my recent EA3 activations sometime and post a link in this forum.

There are still a lot of summits to be discovered during my next EA3 stays, that’s for sure. Before COVID, I was more often there, due to family connections. Now it’s all a bit more complicate. I hope things ease towards Eastern (Semana Santa) :crossed_fingers:.

73 Stephan

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Moltes grácies Xisco, m´alegro que segueixis gaudint l´muntanya i la radio
Daniel 73

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Glad to ear this, Oof course Dani has earned it hard to get his MG.

Moltes felicitats noi!!

Una forta abra¢ada desde Asturias.

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Friend Daniel, before we would have congratulated you, if the resistance that nature put you had not produced, but with your strength and mountaineering spirit you have overcome it and reached the deserved goal.
Now you will continue to enjoy the mountain and we will continue to enjoy your call that we like to hear so much.
A hug.
Elena and Alejandro.
Amigo Daniel, antes te habríamos felicitado, si la resistencia que te puso la naturaleza no se hubiera producido, pero con tu fortaleza y ánimo de montañero lo has superado y alcanzado la meta merecida.
Ahora seguirás disfrutando el monte y nosotros de tu llamada que tanto nos gusta escuchar.
Un fuerte abrazo.
Elena y Alejandro.

Congratulations Dani! I hope hear you from more summits in the future. 73 de EA5INS

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Félicitations Daniel.
Cordiales 73
André f5ukl

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Congratulations, Daniel, on achieving Mountain Goat!
73 de Rumen / LZ2AF

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After ten years to get MG, and you know in our area to get points you have to go far

Despues de diez años para conseguir MG,y sabes en nuestra zona conseguir puntos tienes que ir lejos
un abrazo y cuidate Jon

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thank you very much Jon of course at least we will try and as well have a joint jack soon

muchas gracias Jon claro por lo menos lo intentaremos y como asi contar pronto una sota conjunta un abrazote

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Honestly, you have moved me with your enriching words, I like listening to you this super Star couple to follow the path, you are cracks

Sinceramente me has emocionado con tus palabras enriquecedoras,a mi tanto me gusta escucharos esta pareja super Star a seguir la senda sois unos craks
un abrazo Elena y Alejandro

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