First cw and first with truSDX

Took my truSDX up to nearby Bald Peak (W7O/NC-051) for a shakedown. Antenna was a 20m EFHW on a diy 49:1 toroid with 1’ coax to sma on the radio. I started with usb power pack but didn’t get any replies or reports of being heard with the lower power so I switched to an 11.1V (3S) LiPo rc battery pack via a kludge of test leads and cable chunks. 20m was busy, with no possibility of finding a quiet frequency between 14.058 and 14.064. Wasn’t brave enough to try too hard to bust those pileups, but hopped to 40m and made two contacts even with the SWR at 9 since the antenna is way too short there. Came back to 20m, got a s2s with @N0DNF and another chase from Utah. Not bad for this little kit.

For next time: longer antenna (cut for 80/40/20 and maybe links to shorten to 60/30) and actual battery connectors etc.

Also, give myself longer time on summit… I had a meeting to get to at noon, and ending a trip at 11am (peak sota hour) is really hard!

Impressed by the capabilities of this little radio. I didn’t get anything on SSB, but also didn’t try super hard since my main motivation was to get my first cw activation. First of many I hope!


Many congratulations Andy on your first activation by cw. I hope you feel happy with your achievement! I remember how nervous I felt before activating with cw for the first time. But there’s nothing like getting that first one under your belt!

Best of luck with future activations, and maybe one day we’ll have a S2S. Using cw of course!

73, Matthew M0JSB

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Nice work Andy!! Thanks for the QSOs on 40 and 30. Here is our QSO on 30: