First and Second time activating a SOTA site

well…a few hundred dollars later…and some scrap wire, wood and regular insulators, dollar store twine, and some huffing/puffing, and two summits down…I’m. back at the hamshack/mancrib…will take next weekend off probably, but sure have enjoyed the hiking and the radioin’…last monday, the 18th, I activated W7M/BR142…a four point summit…easy access for a front or rear wheel drive car…to a point…then, you hoofit with the pack…memory card was full in video camera, and I forgot pen/paper in the car, so had to hike back to the car(2.5 mi +/- round trip) but worked 20 guys…and alaska…yes…my K1 did quite well, but internal batteries limit op time…today, July 24, 2016, I activated Silver Hill, W7M/BR-128…a six point summit…had two homebrew wire ant’s out of scraps and wood/regular insulators…and could cover 40/20/15 M CW…most Q’s on 20, but a few on 40…and a S2S on each band but 15m…got a marked-down 12vdc/5a batt.for under $20 yesterday, and it held up for an afternoon with no issues…will post videos on youtube, and on facebook tomorrow, and get the log uploaded…thanks to all stations…would like to do an extended summit activation…like an overnight campout, and run 4 or 5 bands…I would only need a 30m wire,and I could cover 40/30/20, and 15M, and work some dx…there are two summits within about 6-8 miles of a campground about 20 miles from me…I’ll look into it…de AB5ZA/7…thanks for reading, and look for me…I have a buddy that can post and let folks knlow I’m on, and I’ll post to sotawatch as well…73’s…Marshall


Have fun and congratulations for your activation!

I nearly forgot my pen and paper in the pickup today as well. Might be wise to carry a little set in a pocket as a backup from now on, just in case. I too would like to do some extended camping and activating. Try to hit as many summits in aweekend as possible. Can you link to your youtube channel please? It would be fun to watch another W7M activator in action. 73