First Activation

We have a new activator in WØ land. Read the motivating story of Frank/K0JQZ who activated his first SOTA summit after a long sickness. I think it’s a great story and might encourage others to do the same - you can read his trip-report (with pictures and video) under the following URL: WØC/SP-117 (Midland Hill) – 2907 M / 9556 ft | SOTA outings by KØMOS and contributors

73, Matt/KØMOS

In reply to K0MOS:


You will find the SOTA crew is very welcoming to newcomers. I’m still a newcomer to this phase of radio, but the people really make this rewarding and it is not so hard as I thought at first. Everyone has really helped me out with equipment, ideas, planning, and etc. You’ll be happy to know there are some dedicated chasers and activators out there that will help you with your activations.

Hope to hear you on the air!

Eric / KB3UYT

In reply to K0MOS:

This weekend was also my first activation (W7/AW-008). I think I’m hooked! Combining Amateur Radio with hiking is great fun. Hope to activate many more summits in the future.