First activation trip report - W7A/AE-017

Hello SOTA!

I wanted to share my experience with my first SOTA activation. I started to type it all in this reflector, but decided it was better if I posted it on my website with a link:

I still have a lot to learn about SOTA activating, so my apologies to the group for any mistakes. I’ve already received some great feedback and I’m open to others’ thoughts. Self spotting, how and when to send summit details, etc. It’s a learning process.

A huge thank you to everyone who chased my signal and made for a fun first experience.


Great report! Lots of details, pictures, etc. I’m glad it was such a success! Hope to get an S2S with you soon!


Mike AC0PR

P.S. You’re moving this way right? (SKCC conversation). We could use more activators in southern Utah!

Yes! St. George. This Friday. I’ve also requested a 7 area call sign.

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Cool. FYI, tried to send you an email (qrz address), but it got rejected. Just a heads up that we will be under an “excessive heat watch” and it’s supposed to be 103 degrees Friday–sorry! Not normal for May.

Yes I saw that Wx report. Ugh. Well, I think like jumping in feet first! I just subscribed to your YouTube channel. I can’t wait to meet up and maybe work a summit with you!

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Dang! I was looking forward to working you on those hills from Flagstaff. Oh well, I hope to catch you on those Southern Utah summits with @AC0PR.
Charlie NJ7V

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I know! Well, I’ll make it down here on occasion and I’ll be sure to plan a SOTA when I do!

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Great trip report. Congratulations on your first. It is all downhill from here (pun intended). hahah Every trip is a learning experience. Most if not all are fun, some can be a little frustrating, but it is a wonderful way to combine two fun hobbies. I only hope we can help you as much as you have helped the hammock community.

For those that may not know, Derek is the author of the book that is pretty much THE modern authority on hammock camping. If you are considering a hammock, it is a must read!

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