First activation of LA/RL-048 Daurmålsknuten

The last day of March marks the end of the winter bonus season in Norway. This was also the first good weather day in a long while, so I decided to hike up to a summit I’ve never visited before, LA/RL-048 Daurmålsknuten. This was an interesting hike, as the terrain model was apparently very coarse, hiding a lot of ups and downs on the way to the summit.

WX was amazing, around 10 ℃ with sun and low winds, which made for a great hike.

The CQ WPX SSB contest was still ongoing, but I managed to get a small slot for a few minutes until someone called “Is this frequency is in use?” and started doing contest QSO’s on it immediately.

I got 9 in the log, where two were dupes with the same persons on 17 meters.

(Map from PoLo logger)

This appeared as flat terrain on the terrain model on

No trees or poles on the summit, so I just leaned the mast and tied it down.

Scenic view from my activating position

There were a lot of waterfalls on the way up