First activation of DL/AL-082 Schnippenkopf

Finally, after almost a week of waiting for acceptable weather conditions, and the end of the holidays only 2 days away, the first activation of the Schnippenkopf became possible.

With the help of my “Sherpas” :wink: - my wife and my 12-year old son Florian DN5RT - we had the luxury to bring not only the trusted KX3 and Buddipole, but also the RM Italy PA.

In the beginning, it looked like an easy hike to the top. However, after a few minutes of hiking, we discovered that the route to the last of the Sonnenköpfe mountains, the Schnippenkopf, was quite steep and rocky.

After 3 hours of uphill battling, we finally reached the summit. Florian assisted me in setting up the station.

The weather started to detoriate quickly, with dark clouds approaching the summit.

It was just enough time left to do a few QSOs and head back to our basecamp.

The three of us had a great outdoor day and enjoyed the Wiener Schnitzel at the Gasthaus.


Hmm, QRO from a mountain top - was that a HLA-300 I see in the picture? How many Ah of batteries did you have to carry up the mountain to power that? It’s good to have Sherpas HI.


Hi Ed,

it is a HLA-150V, I was running it at about 50 Watts. The battery is actually a small 6.6 Ah LiFePo4 with only 700 grams weight,

73 Robert

Thanks Robert, that sounds like a balanced set-up. I take 2 x 5Ah Lipos to every summit in any case, perhaps it’s time to replace my, often failing, self built, 25w amplifier with something like the HL 150V.