First activation in a long while

I saw this thread and immediately thought "is Richard back? ". Sadly not! However, it has evoked very happy memories of SOTA in years gone by, especially of the joint outing with Richard back in 2007. :grinning:

Thanks, Martyn, that is something that I hadn’t realised. I’ve passed the problem on to see if anything can be done about it.

Short of requiring moderation before the mail is sent out, I don’t think there is much you can do about it. Despite what some Outlook users seem to believe, mail once sent cannot be unsent.


There are 8 users like Martyn, who receive an email for every post to the reflector as and when it is posted. There are several others who just get a digest at intervals. It is not easy to say how many without analysis as they are all not all on the same schedule but what they will receive will depend on when a post is deleted against their time schedule.

The same presumably applies were folk edit their replies. (I doubt I’m the only person who sometimes takes an edit or three to get a reply straight.) I guess folk who opt to receive the traffic by email need to be aware that the version they see may not accurately reflect the version presented online…

There is currently a one minute delay after you post before emails are sent to allow for edits. Whether that re-sets each time you complete an edit is not clear.