First activation ever of EA2/NV-087 tomorrow 21/05/2017

There are still a few non activated summits in EA2/NV land and I’m planning to do my second attempt to Mt. Txitxirimuria (1051m)
In my previous attempt, I got to the start point but couldn’t even start because my GPS didn’t want to bring the stored GPS track into the screen, so I didn’t want to venture miself without a GPS, particularly after the previous exhausting and problematic ascent and descent I had on Mt.Belabartsaitsa, another new unique at that time.
This is the GPS track we will follow

My old university mate, whose initials are JAP, will join me again.
As you’ll remeber, he joined me last saturday and he enjoyed and liked so much the experience that he is not only joining me again tomorrow but he also told me that he has started learning the morse code. It looks like the bug has bitten hard on him.

An alert has already been raised. I wish and hope to, but I’m not 100% that we will have 3G signal for selfspotting.

Please, warm up your rigs and polish your aluminium. I hope to have a memorable activation and give you all this new one.


Guru (with JAP)


Good luck, play safe and have fun. Let’s hope you get the activation without problems.

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Thanks for new one and QSO on 20 meters. Strong QSB, but I copied you.

Gl, 73 de PA9CW.

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Many tnx for the new one on 20mtrs Guru,have a good week and see you on the next.73 Don G0RQL.

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@VE6VID - Thank you for the good wishes. The activation was very successfull with a well populated log having 53 QSOs, 5 of which were S2S.
@PA9CW - Thanks Tonnie for the call and QSO. VY PSED to CUAGN.
@G0RQL - Thanks Don for the call and QSO. I was very pleased to give this new summit.

This is the full log which has already uploaded to the database:

And this is the S2S log:

Thanks all for your calls and QSOs.
I’m too tired and will wake up tomorrow too early to write now a full activation report with some of the very nice pictures taken today, but I’ll do it some time later this week.
Best 73,