First Activation Bonus: why not?

I have noted that only about 24% of the summits in the database have been activated. 76% of the total are not yet activated. There are many summits with hundreds of activations instead. Why not to give a bonus (double score or some additional points) to the first activator of a summit? No problem if you have yet taken a decision about, I did’nt find the relative topic.
73 de Claudio IX1IHR (active on 23rd may from I/LZ-194, new activation…)


Such an award scheme is not equitable simply depending on where you live.

e.g. you become a new ham today in G. You you cannot get any 1st activation award bonus because all the summits have been activated at least once, often 20 years ago. But people living where a new association starts could claim a bonus by sheer luck of where they live.

The way to ratify points, bonus etc. is simply to ignore them and concentrate that when you go and activate a summit you get several benefits. First you are the DX and people will seek you out so they can have a QSO, second you get to walk about in mountain countryside and enjoy time there. Those 2 things are enough for me.


Hi Claudio,
The first activator of a summit is recorded forever on the Summit information page for all to see - here is an example of the summit page for an Australian summit:

And VK2JI - That’s me!

73 Ed DD5LP / VK2JI / G8GLM


My suggestion was not to award the first activator but to improve the search for a new summit to activate. It was only a suggestion…

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Take a look at Sotamaps - it can list summits that have not been activated for a region.

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I’ve always found the “buzz” from the whole process of putting a never-previously activated summit on the air more than enough reward!


73 Paul G4MD


Hi Claudio,
Maybe there should be something more than the honour. In exchange for real money I will supply a suitable unauthorised certificate. I’d like a new rig for Christmas.:smile:


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Relatively few activators get their pick of first activations when an Association first starts up, some of the guys in the G Associations probably have lots of firsts, if they wanted a genuine unauthorised certificate for each summit you’d make a killing! :grinning:

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