First activatinon for anne 2e0lmd on the cloud

I would like to say thank you for every one that made a contacted with me today 16/11/2013 tom m1eyp/p was my very first contact and my first summit to summit I worked Norwich / Coventry / Wolverhampton / leeds /Dudley was using a icon e208 and a home brew 2m antenna that peter 2e0lkc made got 23 contacts before the mike started playing up did a few off my hand held then we decided to call it a day as it was freezing up on sp015 the cloud now I agree tom is mad going up there at night lol stopped off in macc for Coffey on way home all in all a fantastic day cannot wait to go up there again tom watch out you might loose your perch hi hi. peter 2e0lkc was also up on the cloud he worked a few stations and took loads of photos 73s 88s anne 2e0lmd pete 2e0lkc

In reply to M6LCH:

Hi Anne,

Thanks very much for the QSO today on your first activation.

You had a good signal in Leeds and our QSO was the first time I have worked G/SP-015 on 2m so the homebrew antenna was working very well indeed.

Hope to work you again soon on your next summit.

73 de Mick M0MDA