First 14-er - White Mountain Peak, W6/CD-001

On Friday (July 24), I took a trip to the White Mountains, which are on the eastern central portion of California near the Nevada border and face the Sierra Nevada (Mt. Whitney) across Owens Valley, to activate several SOTA summits there. While there, one of my goals was to activate my first 14,000 ft summit - W6/CD-001 White Mountain Peak at 14,252’ (or 4350m).

My SOTA trip started with a few activations that assisted with acclimatization at altitude:

W6/WH-007 - Clem Nelson Peak, W6/WH-009 - 10660, W6/WH-008 - 10940, and W6/WH-006 - County Line Hill. Thanks to @KE6MT for the easy to follow beta on the first three. These were stunning hikes and summits, the first two being in the ancient bristlecone pine forest.

After bagging those peaks, I headed toward the primitive camping area at the base of White Mountain Peak. The drive was like traveling through another planet, and I spotted quite a few mountain goats in the area. At night I was also able to see the neowise comet, which was pretty neat.

On Saturday, July 25, I started my ascent of W6/CD-001 White Mountain Peak just before 1400 UTC. The trail went through a high altitude research station, which is part of the University of California, and the path was well defined to the summit. I arrived on the summit (at 14,252 ft / 4350m) around 1600 UTC, signed the logbook, took a few photos, and set up my MTR and 20m EFHW.

Conditions on 20m were poor, but I was able to work @KX0R on an S2S, and had a brief chat with @WW7D (thanks for chasing on all my summits on this expedition) and got several other familiar calls into my log. After the band completely dipped and I couldn’t hear anyone else, I used my HT and had a few QSOs with local folks who don’t necessarily chase SOTA. Looking back, I should have brought a 40m option, but because I was concerned about weight, I stuck with my 20m monoband EFHW. Next year I’ll bring a few options and spend more time up top. Thanks to everyone who chased me and worked through the poor conditions to make the activation a success.

Although I had planned on taking a nap and activating a few more peaks later in the day, I decided that bagging my first 14k summit made the trip a success, and I headed home. Here are some photos of White Mountain, which still doesn’t fully capture the beauty of that area. Now that I know how I react to altitude, I might plan some activations in the Sierra Nevada range, which have been on my bucket list even before discovering SOTA.


WOW! What a journey. What incredible views! Thanks for the write up and pictures!

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Very good… Unfortunately I could not hear you even once. Too close
for those high bands. And I couldn’t hear you either, Joe! What a day.
And I have ZERO noise level here and can hear a lot of stations that
are way down in the noise. Probably 75% of the SOTA stations I
work are S-ZERO but I can hear them most of the time.

73, See ya next time!
John, K6YK

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The bands were especially tough this weekend I think. Plus I compounded the issue by only bringing a 20m option to most peaks. I brought up 40m on one summit by request, but the others I used a 20m monoband EFHW for weight savings. I’ll be headed to Sequoia next week, and I’ll be working a few different peaks while there, and I’ll make sure to bring different band options this time, so I hope I’ll get you in the log again soon. 73!

Nice report, David! Glad my beta helped. I suppose you heard my complaining about your single-band 20m operation. Thanks for doing 40m on one of them!

I gotta get back out there one of these days and get WMP. I think I’m going to bring a mountain bike to get me closer to the summit faster than my feet will carry me.


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I was delighted to contact you S2S yesterday from W0C/FR-098, Cook Mountain, in the Buttonrock Preserve. Your signal was solid, and I heard one of your chasers say thanks for the 14K peak, so it was very cool to hear you come back and make an easy S2S on 14.063.

Doing SOTA on 14ers is not trivial, but it’s certainly in the best spirit of SOTA!

Thank you and hope we can do another S2S soon!



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Like my gud friend k6yk I couldn’t hr ya either…keep up the great work!


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I heard a few grumblings :rofl: @W6TED actually messaged me about a few people, like my buddy Jon - @K6LDQ in Torrance, that were asking him if I was going to work 40m as well…

On that note, because I am still working toward SOTA goat, my expeditions are very point conscious and time can change a lot in the mountains as far as weather and things. So lately I’ve been working leaner and faster than I would actually like - I would have rather sat up on WMP for 3 or 4 hours and work multiple bands/modes. Additionally, I had to be battery conscious because I was carrying a 400mW battery on the MTR. Granted it does sip powers, but every volt and watt counts when you are QRP.

I think this will change after I pass the 1000 point mark. I’ll probably pick a major summit and work the bands without worry of time. Actually, this is one of the things I admire about @NA6MG is how not only does he work all bands, but he continues to be the activator point leader year after year.

At any rate, thanks again, and keep a look out for me in Sequoia next week, I’ll be attempting 2 summits per day to hopefully throw between 50 and 80 points in the bag toward goat.

Well done. I can only dream of 14 K peaks - double what we have here.

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@VK3AFW it would have been cool to climb Uluru VK8/UL-043 before that was closed to the public. Looks like only one was able to activate it!!!

Opinions dramatically vary on that one given the sensitivity of the site to the local indigenous population.


Wow, David, you did it! Very well done. My 3 attempts for WMP were aborted due to thunder and lightning. Might just have to give it another try before I get too old (might already be). Like Rex, I’ll opt to take a mountain bike. FB on the other summits up there on the moonscape.

Congrats es 73,


Thanks Dan!

I know for sure you can make it based on the summits you’ve climbed. I took a photo of the register, one entry before mine was a “Don Caldwell” age 76! Never too late.

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Actually two activations of Ayers Rock/ Uluru took place but only one has uploaded the contacts.