Finland 100 year

Next year 2017 Finland celebrates its 100 year independency. There is lot of events during the year. One personal target what I have set is that Jyravuori OH/JS-066 would be activated at least 100 times (93 times today). Also Jukola relay in Joensuu is one of those 100 year events. So I am going to run my 40th times in Jukola. I will travel to East Finland couple of days before and activate around ten summits close competition arena.

73, Saku OH2NOS

Congratulations to Finland and good luck Saku with your running and SOTA activations.


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Hi Saku,

Congratulations to Finland for next year’s celebration. As a ‘new-ish’ European state It’s impressive what you have a achieved during those years and your standing within the World.

And as it is your country’s 100th how about 100 independent OH summit activations by OH’s and other nation’s amateurs wishing to join in - within 2017. Now that would be a great achievement with a possible certificate for all those taking part. Now where’s my passport?



We Finnish hams are able (licensed) to use prefix OF instead of OH during year 2017. Do not be confused if you hear call OF after January first!

73, Saku OF2NOS (after 1.1.2017)