Fine activation day at EA1/BU-061

EA2BDS, Marcial and I planned this activation during past week, with the aim of making at least ±2 km by car, letting the last kilometer to make by foot. Unfortunately (or may be not) the road had changed a lot from Marcial’s rememberings, and it was impossible to use the car. So, finally we have made the whole path from last village (Cuestahedo, Burgos) to the summit charging all the stuff (including the nice plumb sealed batteries which we had hope to be carried by the car up -sigh…)

Once at the top (1088m), we noticed that at least 5-6 beautiful masts were radiating RF at every VHF and up, so our reception on 144 was almost 0. We manage to make 1 single contact with Iñaki, EB2GKK whom was also activating another SOTA summit for our unique S2S QSO.

The rest of the day, once the antennas were mounted (for Marcial, 20m LWEFed on a 10 m. pole, and mine, 24-14-10-7 Mhz “manual-switch” dipole), has been almost perfect. More than one hundred QSOs on 7, 10, 14, and 24 along 4 hours working EU and NA.

Our previous RBN and log analysis shows that dipole did generally better than LW, winning almost ever by 3-20 db to this one.

The day was sunny, of course a bit cold, and mostly windy, but not too bad to be afraid of being too much time.

Back to home, we are just planning our next activation (before being too old!)

73’s de Mikel

P.D. (Marcial, I forgive you, don’t worry… But I’ll be waiting for proper revenge).

In reply to EA2CW:

With your new antenna the signals where much better on 30 mtrs, here in PA. Thanks for the contact and the points.

PS. an activation is always an adventure. Sometimes it’s an easy one and sometimes not. It’s all in the game.

Goodluck es 73, Tonnie PA9CW

In reply to EA2CW:

Congrats Mikel and Marcial on your fine activation. Sometimes the way up to the summit is not as easy as expected…
I tried to get a qso with you but at that time you were already on 14 MHz and too close to me, so no chance!!

Interesting info about your antennas.
Could you give me some more details on the EA2BDS’s LWEF? Was it erected vertical or sloper? What was the feeder at the feed point: an 9:1 unun or a different system?

RBN give a lot of info but installation details affect a lot on the pattern of your antennas…

Best 73 and hope to CU soon,
Ignacio EA2BD

In reply to EA2BD:
Hi, Ignacio. First of all, we made only 3 vhf QSO’s due to big “pollution” from TV and GSM repeaters there on the summit. My chinese talkie was fully blocked but fortunately, Marcial’s old kenwood 144 talkie made enough to those few QSO’s.
Both rigs were FT-817. Marcial’s antenna was 20m inverted vee endfed at 10m fishing rod. On its side, very close on the same vert. plane my 24-14-10-7Mhz 1/2 wave inverted dipole.(using fast connectors to manually switch bands) on 9m pole. That was all.
By the way, Tonnie, you made QSO with Marcial with his inv. endfed.
I think LWEF was feeded thru 9:1 balun plus antenna tuner (LC). My dipole had only a 1:1 toroidal balun… no swr across aaaaaaall the band. :wink:
If anyone wants more details, I expect Marcial to put some photos on-line soon.
73 de Mikel, EA2CW

In reply to EA2CW:
Kaixo Mikel,

many thanks for details, and of course, very interesting pics at Flickr. Your sky pics are wonderful.
That was a fine antenna configuration, and with the propagation as it is now, we are plenty of chances for good contacts.

Hope to hear you soon or even to meet you in one of our summits near hear!
Muchas gracias por todo, y hasta pronto. Saludos cordiales take care and VY 73
Ignacio EA2BD