Finding Summits

One recurring subject the MT is asked about is whether summit X can be added to the database.

I think it’s fair to say that more often than not the answer is “No”, not because we’re grumpy old men but because its topographic prominence doesn’t meet the criterion for the association (usually 150m).

So, how do we know?

How do we go about making a list of qualifying summits for a new association or how to we check a list made by someone else?

I’ve attempted to answer these questions in a couple of postings on my blog.

My first post describes a simple method using flooding in Google Earth. Anybody suggesting a summit to add should please try this approach first as it will only take you a minute or two.

My second posting goes into more detail of the process we use in practise, for example with Landserf.

I hope you find these of interest.


A valiant effort! Unfortunately I suspect that many of the people contacting the MT have not got beyond reading the title of the award programme before firing off their email. As a next step you need to configure a “responder-bot” to intercept the relevant emails and return the links automagically. Good luck!

Gawd! Ain’t that the truth!

It took months to assemble and polish the FAQs and sometimes it seems as if nobody ever bothers to read them before firing off a query!


. [quote=“G8ADD, post:3, topic:13314”]
it seems as if nobody ever bothers to read

That is human nature, perhaps a video with a Member of the MT reading it out would be more digestible for some.

Maybe Tom and his brother could set it to music?

I’ll dust down the sax and busk along with them!

Well as long as know one challenges me for the role of playing the triangle I am cool with it :wink:

Delta loop, please :wink:


Probably just needs a highly visible link to the FAQ inserting immediately after the “Contact the MT” button and the advice “But first check the FAQ for the answer to your question”.

Think very carefully before asking me and my brother to put things to music…

Edit: I see Jon has added something in along these lines while I was in GI.

I’ve heard worse - far FAR worse! You’re hired!


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Thank you for the explaination … this would have been very helpful for me before the OE-evaluation last year!

73 Martin, OE5REO


Very interesting, thanks for the effort in writing this up. As others have said, we do get a number of casual enquiries (and complaints) from would-be experts on prominence, but the programme does depend on high quality survey work and only those who have gone through the process will understand the finer points.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH