Finding spots by association

Is there any way to filter SOTAwatch alerts and spots by association, perhaps to association or country?

If there isn’t, is this planned at all, or is there any API that could be utilised by others to provide this service?

SOTAwatch? no. But you can use 3rd party apps and websites to do this. Christophe ON6ZQ maintains an up to date list of software for SOTA at

SOTAmaps lets you sort by band or mode

You can use the SOTAcluster along with a logging program. Tell the logging program to use the SOTAcluster and use its cluster filters to show what you want. The cluster is at

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Perhaps you might find this useful:

(see the hints at the bottom of the pages)

For spots, rather than listing them all individually, it groups them by activator and summit, and shows the last spot per activation, to give you a quick overview of what’s currently going on in the “SOTA world”, or in a particular region (or what you’ve missed! :joy:). We also use this on our club website (

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That is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.

Next: find some way to get those onto a map…

I use
I have it configured to send emails to my phone (through by cell providers free email to SMS gateway) and/or emails to my PC with specific Spot information.

I use Thunderbird as my email client on my PC with some addon’s including custom sounds, auto-forwarding, and RexExp message filters. I can filter received Spots (inbound via email from HamAlert) any way I like. From there, let your imagination run wild.

73 de Bruce W2SE

Sotamaps has both spots ( and alerts (( pages, and both pages enable filtering on continent, or association, or association and region, as well as on various combinations of time-period, band and mode.

Maybe that’s something approaching what you’re looking for?

It is entirely what I’m looking for and I can’t believe I missed it. Sorry everyone.

I just want a quick and easy way to see which spots are near my work so I can head to the fifth floor in my office and try to reach them.

The latest iterations of the sotamaps spots and alerts pages - not yet live, unfortunately - feature extended filtering plus, in the case of its’ spots page, audible signals (a choice of sound-clip, morse-message or spoken voice) when a wanted spot (by callsign or summit code) appears in the list.