Finding DLFF on a map of Germany - Thuringen trip

During my last trip I activated 11 SOTA summits, but was not sure about the DLFF-numbers, all areas are close to each other.

Here you can read how to find this out.

** Finding DLFF on a map of Germany **

Map: Schutzgebiete in Deutschland

  • In the menu on the right side UNCHECK “Naturschutzgebiete NSG”.

*Check “Biosphärenrestervate (BIO)” and “Naturparke (NP)”, then you have all DLFFs.

  • Find your location.

  • Check if it is in a BIO or NP.

  • Look for the number in the WFF-list.


Is SOTA DM/TH-001, Grosses Beerberg in a DLFF?

Closest village is Zella-Mehlis.

Write “Zella-Mehlis” into the search-field.

The Map will zoom to Zella-Nevis.

DM/TH-001 is east of Zella-Mehlis and you will find the summit if you uncheck the areas (then appears the topographic map more clearly). You will find out, that the “Große Beerberg” is 982,9m high and in “Vessertal-Thüringer Wald”

Via the WFF-list you can see that DLFF-032 “Nature Reserve/Biosphäre Vessertal-Thüringen Forest” has number DLFF-032.

Info by Mario DC7CCC, he has a very useful site with all kind of tools for SOTA and DLFF. See

I always use his tool to convert adif- into csv-file for SOTA updates.

Thanks Mario!

These are the results if you are interested:

26-2-2012 SOTA DM/HE-046 Hohes Gras → DLFF-062
27-2-2012 SOTA DM/TH-001 Grosses Beerberg → DLFF-032
27-2-2012 SOTA DM/TH-003 Grosse Finsterberg → DLFF-032
27-2-2012 SOTA DM/TH-016 Kinkelhahn → DLFF-128
28-2-2012 SOTA DM/TH-012 Grosser Farmdenkopf → DLFF-128
28-2-2012 SOTA DM/TH-099 Kieferle → DLFF-128
29-2-2012 SOTA DM/TH-027 Wetzstein → DLFF-127 (nr DARC X43 station)
29-2-2012 SOTA DM/TH-135 Langerberg → DLFF-128
29-2-2012 SOTA DM/TH-143 Rauhhugel → DLFF-128
1-3-2012 SOTA DM/TH-004 Grosser Inselberg → DLFF-128
1-3-2012 SOTA DM/HE-127 Toter Mann → no DLFF (in Seulingswald)

DLFF-032 Nature Reserve/Biosphäre Vessertal-Thüringen Forest
DLFF-062 Naturpark Habichtswald
DLFF-127 Naturpark Thüringer Schiefergebirge/Obere
DLFF-128 Nature Park Thüringer Wald

I hope this is usefull if you activate a German Summit.

73 de Hans PA3FYG

In reply to PA3FYG:

Here is the link of the OE9 WFF areas. It is an official site of the country of Vorarlberg.

Europaschutzgebiete are WFF
Many summits are in these areas.

arno oe9amj 73

In reply to PA3FYG:
Nice try Hans but not right at all. for example Grosser Finterberg is part of Vesserthal not Thûringer wald. But there is a great map where you can see all of the nature parks in Thuringia:

Good luck an welcome to Thuringia! My home base :wink:


In reply to DL2AJB:

Thanks for reply,

It was hard work to find the numbers.

In my list DM/TH-003 Grosse Finsterberg --> DLFF-032, is this wrong?

73 de Hans

In reply to PA3FYG:

Natuurlijk is het DLFF-032

Of course it is DLFF-032

73 de Mario