Find the fresh on Monte San Franco I/AB-319

To escape from the 38 degrees of Rome today with Luca Iz0Fyl we went towards Abruzzo to activate a new one mountain the San Franco I/AB-319 (2132 mt.) beautiful summit of the Gran Sasso group and park. By car it’s about 2 hours from Rome and then an easy route that takes you to the top in 1 hour and a half. The joy of also finding an active spring with splendid fresh water on the way up. The radio activity was good, I made 27 qsos between ssb and cw and Luca about 7 qsos only in telegraphy. The signals weren’t very strong and having the double reference (Sota and Pota I-0677) helped during the pileup. Unfortunately at one point we had to go down towards the valley and then towards Rome where the temperature was still very high. The only joy of the return was a visit to a local brewery where we drank and bought excellent beer !!