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Find Summits to Complete - Webapp

I created another Webapp that helps you finding potential activations that would “complete” the summit. I.e. it compares your chaser and activator logs, then shows summits that you chased but not yet activated. The results can be filtered by association:


Thanks to Chris WX7EMT for bringing up the idea for this App!

Note also my previous App (SOTA Diff) that allows you to find summits that have been activated by a fellow activator but not yet by you: SOTA Diff - Find Uniques that you could activate )

best 73, Peter HB9TVK


Great webapp thanks! 73 Hal n6jzt

Thanks for the great web app. Does it just show summits i need to activate to complete or can it also show summits i need to chase to complete?

I just checked mine out, crickey I’m gunna be busy the next few months!!

Amazing how you accumulate chasers even when you dont think you are doing much chasing.

The app shows only candidates for activation, as you only can plan these by yourself. If you like to be informed when a summit is on the air that you need for completion, I can highly recommend the app ‘Hamalert’ by Manuel, HB9DQM (https://hamalert.org/about).

What a cool idea dear Peter!
Many tnx for your work and the nice app.
Hope to hear you soon on the air.
Vy73 de Fritz HB9CSA (DL4FDM)

Took me awhile to log in and THANK you for building this… This is awesome!

Nice tools Peter. Many thanks for developing them :slight_smile:

73 de Paul G4MD

@HB9TVK I just tried to use this app and when I punched in my call sign, it gave an error message…

same here too … would love this tool if it would work! tried it with and without the “/p”

73 martin, oe5reo


sri, it seems the weekly automated update of the callsigns failed because the sotadatabase was down at this moment. I restarted the update manually, now it works again.

Use the same callsign you have in the Sota DB (usually without /p).

vy73, Peter HB9TVK


Thank you!