You now have 10002 Chaser Points

Thank you for participating in SOTA.

Not bad going all on me 10w TS120V Trio and various wire antennas AND only on HF SSB mode on bands 80 40 20 15 and 10m, only on a Novice licence.
It could be a first.

Damn I got a big grin on me mush.

A Very happy Karl


Well done, Karl. I just heard you work David on Great Whernside, you were S9+20 with me, your antenna is getting all that ten watts out!


Congratulations Karl.

Congratulation Karl and thanks for the contacts along the way. On to the next 10000 :smiley:


Happy Day!
Good job Karl, keep going on.
73 Gerald F6HBI


It’s been cool seeing you overtake my chaser score and then leave me in your dust!

Really happy for you.

This shows what a “non-code” foundation operator with a wire antenna can do!!

73 Ed.


Congrats Karl…

I hope you will not stop chasing us :wink:

73 de Franz

Well done Karl.
Good luck & best wishes.

Congratulations, Karl - a good achievement using just 10W!


Good job es congratulations ! :tada:

Happy SOTA

de Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF

Congratulations Karl! Well done with just 10W. Would be so much easier in cw. It is always nice to have you in my activator log. To the next 10000 points!
73, Mirko S52CU

Well done Karl really pleased for you, being active on the reflector probably gives you another 3dB, but that antenna is working wonders for you.


Congratulations Karl!

Looking forward to my upcoming activations with your call in the log. Good luck with the next 10kPoints!

Well done Karl - always listen out for you on the hill and always a pleasure to work you. Keep it up and keep us company for years to come

73 Glyn

Congrats on a fine achievement, Karl! I hope to work you soon in CW!

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

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Congratulations, Karl. Very well done with your 10 watts and wire antenna.
That’s highly encouraging for others starting up with little power and simple antennas.
I hope you’re ready for another 10,000 points.

HPE CUAGN SN, which we use to say in CW for “I hope to copy you again soon”.

73 de Guru

Congrats Karl. I remember chatting with you from the USA when I activated a peak in New York last Spring.

Can I add my congrats to the list, good to wk u today from Gt Whernside where the mists did swirl, the rain did soak and the wind did blow. Getting a bit poetic, better have a little sleep!
GNP029 tomorrow.
David G0EVV

Congratulations Karl.

Thanks for all the contacts along the way…many more to follow I hope :smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

Thank you folks :blush:

18 months of chomping at the bit to get there. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Onwards and forwards

But have to thank all those folks that activated them summits in first place to whom could not have done this. So many people never met, but you kinda get to know them through the air waves and sota watch etc :wink: