Finally, your chance to own a pair of SOTA summits

Looks like VP8/WF-047 and VP8/WF-039 are up for sale, and you can name your own price!

Helps if you know how to farm…

Do we know how many SOTA summits are owned by hams anyway?

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So if we pooled our money together…

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We just need to sell a few more SOTA hats…

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Is it connected to the mainland or it is a true island? I am not ready yet to buy it :slight_smile: Just interested if it is qualified for IOTA program.

I don’t think its far enough away from the “mainland” Falkland Island to be its own IOTA—so its a part of

SA-002 VP8

I guess.

And I might add they might want a lot of money even though the summits are one point each!

Private land that contains summits everywhere in VK2! Most the owners are very good about it though if you ask nicely :slight_smile:

It’s a pet peeve of mine that these remain listed. IMO the MT / Local region should be nuking these summits where it’s confirm to be unaccessible otherwise we risk bringing SOTA into disrepute and there is no function in keeping them listed.

Hi Sam,

Yes it is annoying. But we do encourage anyone finding that a summit is not accessible at all, or that there are strict conditions that are difficult to meet, to note that fact in a note on the summit details page. This is one of the best ways to help the next activator.

The official policy is to list all summits, as their access rules may change in time. A new road could be built, ownership may change, the owner may be persuaded to allow a Telco to put a cell up there with an access road, etc.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH
AM for VK2

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I own a square foot of part of a GM summit. Never seen it but hope it has a nice bit of heather and not a swampy goo of bog. :wink:


According to the latest stats on midges, you are likely to have 200 midges all to yourself. Enjoy.


I don’t own any Scottish hills (or part thereof), but I’m more than willing to sell my allocation of midges :grin:


The midges weren’t part of the deeds so squatting midges. (Is that PC? :wink:)