Finally getting up "The Tor"

Activation Report for G/SP-004 Shining Tor on Friday 29th March 2013

We had alerted and cancelled our trip up here a few times since January because of bad WX, I had even cancelled today’s alert earlier in the week because the forecast was not good. We woke to glorious sunshine in Frodsham and upon checking on the Cat & Fiddle Webcam, we found the same good wx.

So ensued a mad dash to alert and get out while the going was good. I could not take my FT817 as it had developed a warranty fault and I was in the process of getting it back for repair or replace. I did not fancy taking the FT897 even though “The Tor” is not a bad hill walk. The only radio’s I had charged up were the Wouxun for 4m and the Icom E92 for 2m & 70cm. These were quickly packed in the bag along with my fishing pole and a couple of homebrew antennas. Deciding that we would enjoy the walk and use the trip as a day out with a light bag on my back for a change.

We headed off to get on the Motorway with an alerted time of 11am, which I think was a bit ambitious at the time. Making great progress till we reached Knutsford and the “A Roads", getting stuck a number of times behind horse boxes. Manoeuvring around the many roundabouts in Macclesfield, and getting on the Cat & Fiddle Road, which was surprisingly quiet even for a Bank Holiday. Arriving at the park spot for 11.00, knowing we were going to be late but still wanting to enjoy the walk up, we set off at a steady pace.

Arriving on the top at 11.30, making good progress on a snowy path, although not slipping as most of the snow was deep enough for us to just sink into. Decided to check if Mike 2E0YYY/P was still up Gun and more importantly still on 2m. He was, so called him using the E92 and supplied antenna got him in my log as 1st contact plus S2S and then he asked “if I had asked for permission from him to go up his mountain?” To which I replied, “yes it was in the post”! good fun Mike and thanks for S2S.

A few of Mike’s Regulars then qsy’d with me to .450 and I ended up with 13 calls in the log on 2m,with my very good friend John M0JVW getting no4 in the log to qualify it for me. Also managed a QSO with Jimmy M0HGY for the first contact with him and his new Callsign. With the supplied antenna doing well I had “DX into Wales, and Heswall. After these calls dried up I switched to 4m, with Elaine holding the fishing pole with my half-wave 4m dipole attached, getting 4 more in the log. When it went quiet on here and us both starting to feel the cold wind getting through our layers, we decided to complete the second part of our planned day out, which was to return back down to the Cat & Fiddle pub for a spot of lunch and a warm by the log fire.

After a successful walk down with again no slipping we moved the car from the park spot up to the Car park of the pub, and thinking “this car park seems awfully empty??” Getting to the door we spotted a notice advising no food today as the kitchen was being refurbished. Decided to “use the facilities” we could smell the log fire before even getting in to the room. Elaine decided as it was getting late, we would not stay for a pint and a warm but instead look for another pub on the way home for food. This I decided would be the Blacksmiths Arms in Henbury as it was always recommended by some local friends we have in Macclesfield. Getting here for 1.30 and feeling very hungry, the place was packed with diners and we had to wait a few minutes for a table. Eventually sitting down and ordering one Venison Pie and one Steak and Ale Pie, which was washed down with the only Ale worthy of our triumphant walk up “The Tor”. A Pint of Wainwrights Ale each! Black Sheep Ale gets a bit boring sometimes!!

So to conclude an excellent day out on “Good Friday” with a quick activation of Elaine’s Favourite Summit, enjoyed the walk, enjoyed the chats with some radio friends and finally really enjoyed the “Pie & Pint”

Thanks to all who called and made the day worthwhile, hope to be out again soon weather permitting


Tony G1JPV
Elaine G21209

PS: couple of not good quality pics on Flicker taken with my Mobile Phone!

In reply to G1JPV:

Tony and Elaine

Nice to work you for the first time yesterday…and as mentioned Elaine did a marvellous job on the Antenna.

Wish you both a Happy Easter