Final weekend of seasonnal bonus in JA

I got very beautiful scenary in Mt. Mitousan. Was really beautiful.
Sorry in Japanese but you can see just photos.東京都西多摩郡檜原村三頭山山頂/


Google translate seemed to do a good job!

Great report, thanks for the link, the scenery was indeed beautiful!

73, Colin

Hi Colin
Thank you for your comment. I believe it is very rare climate in Tokyo last week end. I was lucky indeed.

73 Toru

Wow! As you say, beautiful photos (without any translation). Now I realise what winter operating should be like! Thanks very much.

73 Viki M6BWA

Hi Viki,

Thank you visiting my site and for your comment.
Yes it really was.
Getting walmer here Tokyo in last couple of days.
See you on air mate.