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Final note on PA1MAX

I spoke to Max PA1MAX today by phone. Max is a serious ham, active for many years and he was absolutely not aware of doing anything wrong. As he explained: I listen on a free frequency, call CQ if no response I move up or down a bit and do the same excercise again. He was not aware of the SOTA programme or dedicated SOTA frequencies, but he – correctly remarked – that there no exclusive frequency for any ham or group of hams. The SOTA guys have to live with that, as well as the QRP hams which suffer regularly from multiwatt signals on their dedicated frequency (including endless CQ callers). Anway, we have sufficient bandpoliceofficers who feel obligated to maintain the socalled order, but I will strongly call for normal hamspirit instead of publishing unkind remarks in our Reflector. Subject closed!
Hans PA0HRM.

In reply to PA0HRM:

Perhaps this “serious ham” needs a “serious antenna” and a “serious receiver” so he can hear the signals everyone else can hear but he can’t?


In reply to MM0FMF:
Even a ‘serious receiver’ can’t hear anything if you call CQ AND move frequency at the same time :frowning:

Roger G4OWG

In reply to PA0HRM:

I concur with Hans. There are no exclusive SOTA frequencies, and it is profitless to fulminate endlessly about the operating habits of a station on a reflector that he is unlikely ever to log onto. Sufficient steam has been let off, so the subject is now formally closed.


Brian G8ADD (wearing his Moderators hat!)