Fast Log Entry (FLE) expand field width

I have just installed FLE v 3.3 and begun entry of a hand-written SOTA log. I notice that some of the fields in the log grid display screen are a fixed width (BAND, MODE, RST) while others (CALL, COMMENT) can be expanded with a cursor drag to accommodate longer entries.

In my version, however, the fields MY SOTA and HIS SOTA seem to be fixed at a 5 character width and refuse to expand to display the entire reference. I see other published examples where the MY SOTA field displays the entire reference (W2/GC-022) so apparently I have made an error in my setup. I have reviewed the setup and entry instructions.

Any hints how I can fix this? Or please point me to the FLE Tech Support page or an on-line FLE group.
Thanks and regards,
Mike, WB2FUV

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HA! Mike, I made the same post last night. Read the end of the thread here…it should help, hopefully. It’s either a resolution/zoom issue or something else wonky.

Hi Mike, Thanks for the helpful tip.

Once you have used it a bit and looked at the real output files, you tend not to worry about the formatting of that display. It’s just to let you know how you’re going.

FLE is a very neat product. Its compact and flexible data entry format almost perfectly matches my hand written logs. Mostly now I log at home using vk port-a-log on my old tablet because it is such a good match for SOTA and WWFF logging. And does spotting and viewing of spots very neatly too.

Anyone would think the author was a SOTA and parks operator. :slight_smile:

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA


Let us know if it worked! Your particular situation seems slightly different as you indicated that some of the data grid fields are fixed while some are adjustable. I figured changing the resolution/zoom settings might be a good first step in a possible resolution, however. Good luck.

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Thanks for the help. Yes, simply changing my laptop DISPLAY setting in Windows to 100% (instead of 125% recommended) solved the issue with adjustable column width. What I assumed to be fixed width columns are now also adjustable. I look forward to using FLE to convert my handwritten SOTA logs into CSV and ADIF files.
Stat well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV