Fammau and Fenli Fun!

I’ll do a better report when have more time (mother’s 90th birthday party to organise right now).

I have to apologise for the late show but birthday events ate into a lot of what was meant to be my free time. This meant I was over two hours late getting on to the hills and it meant that Penycloddiau had to be cancelled.

However, those little problems aside what a fabulous day; wonderful weather and conditions were up a lot on VHF. Whenever I come down to my old stomping ground I always enjoy myself with how much easier it is to have lots and lots of 2m contacts with relative simple gear. Anyway I managed 27x 2m FM contacts, 4x 70cms FM contacts, 3x 23cms FM contacts and a natter with some old friends on a D-STAR repeater. Best of all where the 4 easy contacts from GW to GM with Jack GM4COX, Caroline MM3ZCB and Martyn MM1MAJ. All on 2m FM with no more than 5W and a J pole made from ribbon feeder.

I have to thank Steve GW7AAV and Mike G4BLH for the spots. But especially I want to thank all the chasers. NW-044 and NW-051 are very common yet every single contact was a delight and it was great to catch up with some calls I haven’t heard since last March when I last was out playing in Wales.