Family tour for 4 days

Last week we were in North part of Hungary for activate 9 summits with EM-… prefixes. My RIG was: IC-706MKII at 10 Watts, into an inverted-V
dipole. Our jurney was so nice, and the pile-ups were amazing. Thanks so much for them. I know I made very short terms, but we haven’t enough time, and it was getting dark very early. Every QSO was my pleasure, THANK YOU VERY MUCH again! See you soon from other summit. VY 73! Zoli HA3HK

In reply to HA3HK:
Zoli, thank you very much for your activations of last week. Your signal was strong here in Macedonia and I manage to work you almost on first call.
I broke the 1000 chasers points barrier with one of our QSOs.
Vlado, Z35M

In reply to Z35M:Zdravo dragi prijatelju Vlado.
Yes, you was very quick and clever about all of my activitations. Your signal was very loud, so I could hear you very easily. Puno srece u amaterskom i privatnom zivotu. Hvala za QSOs !!!