Fall colors/Pennsylvania Highlands with Yagi!

After two failed attempts from the lower, flat topped summits of Pennsylvania (using a setup that worked so well from the high Rocky Mountain peaks) I debated about using a more powerful rig or purchasing an amp for my HT, also suggested here in the reflector was a Yagi. I decided to go the Yagi route first.

Here is my preliminary setup on the summit of Seven Springs Mountain. FT60R HT, Arrow 3 element Yagi and $5 in PCV piping for a support.

I was thrilled that my very first call on simplex was answered with the Yagi pointing toward the populated Pittsburgh metro area! I quickly activated the mountain with great signal reports and excited hams who had not had a VHF SOTA QSO. It seems there was quite a stir on the local repeater about my presence which helped!

Pennsylvania Highlands from Laurel Mountain trail.

After Seven Springs, I was able to activate Bear Cave Mountain a short drive north with the same Yagi setup. Bear cave mountain has many antennas on top so I thought there could be a possibility of QRM. I didn’t try the Rollup Jpole so I am not sure? The Yagi performed well with no QRM. I believe a directional antenna is less susceptible to RF interference and will have to investigate further. My longest QSO of the day reached into Ohio 70+ miles. I also had a contact with a ham on Seven Springs mountain who was into Mountain topping VHF. He claims to reach into Canada with his setup.

Bear cave lookout SOTA setup.

Anyway. I was quite impressed with the Yagi and had a great day activating these two previously un-activated (via VHF) peaks!