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Fairsnape Fell - advice wanted

Looking at trying Fairsnape Fell soon but not sure which way is the easiest/quickest route.

Looking at summits info there is a route from a parking place at 60104404
but the map shows a route from 6163344793

Any comments ?

In reply to G8HXE:

Hi Keith
In my opinion their are two ways to ascend Fairsnape fell from the popular car park location on the tarmac road. Once through the gate by the house, either over Parlick or traversing around Parlick on the good track to the left. Possibly going over Parlick is slightly quicker by a few minutes, but certainly more effort is required.

I wrote a review on this activation and route with grid references. Try the find a summit link for Fairsnape fell.

Just my opinion, hope it helps.

Ian 2E0EDX

In reply to M3EDX:
Hi Keith.I think that the route going left after passing through the gate is the easiest and does not take any longer.ATB Geoff G6MZX.
Ps nice hill but get there earjy parhing lay by1s soon fill up

Climbing Parlick at the start of your morning’s walking is a must! It is ten minutes of sheer purgatory, but then it doesn’t half seem an easy day after that!

The true summit is a bit boring, but the trig point (which is within the activation zone) is a very pleasant spot with excellent views.


In reply to M1EYP:
Tom you forgot to mention once at the trigpoint, you can sit in the small shelter, to keep the wind off your back, i also have this summit on my hit list as there are some geocaches to be done in a circular walk, dont forget to call in at the cafe in chipping for the bung soup steve m0sgb

In reply to G8HXE:
Just did Fairsnape yesterday, Friday. Took the left hand track by mistake in the fog.
Definately to be recomended instead of the pergutary of Parlick which is the route I have previously used.
Differential Distance path seperation to paths meeting on the top is. Parlick .65 linear .79 actual in miles, side of Parlick route .67 miles, actual is measurably no different.
If this lot makes any sense.

On the way up I thought what has happened to Parlick have I got that mutch fitter lately, as there was no visibility at all right up to the summit of Fairsnape.

Definatley recomend the none Parlick route.

In reply to M0SGB:
Or the excellent pie & peas at the Sun Inn

Thanks for the information everyone.

Has anyone tried the route from the parking spot at 6163344793, and following the track up through Saddle End, onto Saddle Fell and then up onto the plateau ?
On the map it looks a better track and although longer it avoids Parlick completely.