Fairfield my last big one

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would report on my visit to Fairfield with the ATC on Saturday 29th January. The weather was fantastic for the staff walking weekend, the sun was out with no wind to talk of.

I was packing one of the new Wouxun KG-UVD1P with its stock antenna clip to my chest strap on my rucksack. I used the discrete earpiece and mic which worked a treat.

My first contact was Neil 2E0TDX on Foel Fenlli GW/NW 051. I had not reach the summit at this point, but I wanted to the TX. Niel gave me a 5/5 whilst I was stood on High Pike 656m.

I have to say I was very impressed with the radio considering I was using the stock antenna and Niel had only a 16" whip.

I monitored all the way up to the summit and I could hear lots of stations especially a special event station at Lytham lifeboat station.

Due to the fact I wasn’t with other amateurs I could only spend the time to make the 4 contacts on the summit. Which I did, so to any stations wanting to work me I’m sorry I could not stay.

Well I can tell you that it was very hard work and I was in great pain in my knees as I started the decent. I took tablets which I normally do to try to stop the pain, but this time there was no effect and the pain did not subside.

I’m still in pain over a week after its just starting to get better so it seems that the days of me doing big hills is over, which is quite upsetting, but I was warned that this would happen when I was only 18.

So to conclude the Wouxun radio is a marvel and will do great for the Cadets.

I might have to think about my equipment for SOTA and what I really need now I’m not going on the bigger hills, but that for another day. At the moment I’m just nursing my knees back to health.


Brian (M0OYG)

In reply to M0OYG:

Sorry to hear about the problem with the knees Brian. I hope the pain subsides and you manage to get out on the hills again. I appreciate it’s no real comfort, but pre-SOTA I used to have bad knees. The problem was caused by a bad tackle on the rugby field which ended with me colliding with the goal post. This was many years ago when I was in my teens. Walking up the hills gradually strengthened the muscles to the stage where I now only get discomfort on extended walks. The same goes for my hips which used to ache after climbing the summits and now are so much better. I suppose it’s a case of use it or lose it, so I hope you can soon get out and about in the hills.

73, Gerald G4OIG