Failed SOTA ventures

Tried to go to Brooks Rocks North and Crippen Hill South. Never heard a peep!

W3/PW-056 and W3/PW-057

Did you set an alert via SOTAWatch?

I noticed that K9IR did (tried?) an activation today, and was not picked up by SOTAWatch, but I did see her reported on RBN. I don’t think that she set an alert.

I did two activations yesterday, and it seemed that either RBN was very slow at reporting me (I had set alerts), or my cell service wasn’t what the indicators on my phone suggested.

I know this isn’t much help to you, but it seems to me that ‘the system’ has been perhaps a little flaky the past two days. Not casting aspersions, just noting my observations.

73, Jim KK0U

You say you heard nothing. Antenna failure? I tune to the FT8 frequencies, eg 7.074, 14.074 USB. If I can’t hear any tones after 30 seconds I start checking the antenna and feedline.
If I hear good signals the band is open.

Self spotting, if you have cell phone coverage, helps more than anything else.

Alerting at least 24 hours before operating gives you a chance of the RBN spotting you but it depends on propagation being OK.

At least you had a good walk. I have one on my books where I had a good walk but was unable to make it to the top. Most Activators have expeditions that have failed.

Get back on the horse, you will get a better ride next time.


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