Failed HF Activation

Hi Guys

For those of you who saw my selfspot for 40-ssb today from Fan Gyhirych GW/SW-006 I do apologise for the lack of 7-ssb!! The rig developed a loud howling noise on RX just after I completed a very difficult QSO G7BGA Geoff. Not sure what the problem is but I will investigate over the next couple of days.

As a result I had to qualify the summit on V/UHF and fortunately Pete (ISJ), Rod (JLA) & Vicky (BWA) were all on the Brecon’s this morning. So 3 S2S and a smatter of locals plus DX from Don (RQL) and the summit was in the bag.

The second hill was also qualified on V/UHF again due to local stations and Rod & Vicky who had changed hills. Rod and Vicky certainly know how to confuse a guy by doing the duo Troed and Llangorse but not together! Whilst one went up Troed the other was on Llangorse, then later swapped over - at least you are guaranteed one S2S each per hill. Thanks to Vicky for my first 70cm SOTA QSO’s.

Full blog here
73 Glyn

…and SOTA completes (if they’re new ones), too. Makes sense. :slight_smile:

Frustrating. Hope it’s an easy fix…

Was sitting there yesterday and in wonder if you were OK.
Frustrating when something fails and oh dear when its the rig.

Main thing is your ok


Excellent stuff! 70cm would be an ideal band for the hills were not the level of interest so low.

Maybe it is time for another outing by GW8CXK/P…

73, Gerald G4OIG

Hi Glyn

Sorry to hear of your HF problems on the hills but glad that 2m (and 70cm!) came to the rescue. I did wonder how come you were always monitoring 2m when I called, after telling me you were setting up on HF, but I was very grateful.

Thank you for QSYing so promptly to 70cm when requested, I had no idea this was such a novelty for you. The first 70cm S2S (Mynydd Troed SW-009) to Fan Ghyrich (SW-006) was on the VX7 twig as I was in a hurry to catch you, with signal reports 57 and 55 so no problem. Things weren’t quite so simple as I staggered up Mynydd Llangorse (I’m not very fit at present and this was my first attempt at carrying a light rucksack since my accident in August) and found a ‘sheltered’ spot amongst the crags. I knew you were waiting so thought I’d try the twig again, although we were both on lower hills, but I did just assemble the dipole and left it lying on the ground. We got the 2m S2S (SW-015 to SW-007) with 54, 58 but things went rather quiet on 70cm and just a few crackles and the odd word came through. I swapped the coax, grabbed the dipole and propped it up. “That’s better” came the reply and the 51, 54 contact was made. Phew! My main ambition for the day had been to get 4 70cm contacts from Llangorse but I had dismissed this as impossible when I was struggling to get any replies, even on 2m, on Troed in freezing conditions. The airwaves seemed to be completely dead, apart from S2S (thanks also to Pete GW4ISJ/P) but I eventually qualified Troed on both bands.

Most unusually, I seemed to be getting a few more responses from Llangorse - perhaps the new operating position, suggested by M0JLA, which was giving me some take-off was working. I had now got 2 70cm S2S (can you see why Rodney and I operate from different summits when we can?) and only 2 more to go. A new contact, Nathan 2W0CVL/M near Blaenau, was 59 59 on both frequencies so I was on 3… Martin, from Churchdown, nr Gloucester G4ENZ, was defeated by too much 70cm local interference despite strenuous efforts but then Phil GW0IRT, who had driven specially to Llangynidr Moor with some 70cm kit, stormed in with 59 59 and I was home. My grateful thanks to all concerned and another tick in the 70cm log.

I took up SOTA operating on 70cm, as well as 2m, just under 2 years ago and have activated 226 summits (not all different) and amassed just over 800 points. I would like to thank all my chasers, some of whom have gone to great lengths (dusted off a radio and read the manual frantically, gone up in the attic with the aerial out the window, to the end of the garden with a mast, into the car and up a hill) to help me and also my fellow Sota operators, especially Allan GW4VPX who adds to the heavy load in his rucksack when he knows I am also up a hill. Some areas I have drawn a complete blank and in others have encountered a real pile-up (Titterstone Clee and Stiperstones come to mind). My usual response when asking the 2m contact if he can also work 70cm is “no-one uses that round here, I wish they did” but many of them are happy to have a go and are rather pleased when successful. Some times the contact is a lot clearer than it was on 2m. So, please, both activators and chasers, don’t forget 70cm and PLEASE repair the 70cm aerial that got blown down last winter/2 years ago and get ready for my 'Any chance of a 70cm contact, please?"

73 Viki M6BWA


Hi Viki
Even wen operating on HF I always have my handie on and close so I can pick up on S2S contacts. I have changed my handie recently to a VX-8 which I am still getting used to. The great thing is I can change to 70cm by pushing one button. I now always have 2m & 70cm calling freqs on dual watch so will hear anyone calling on either. My aerial is only a 2m half wave wire dipole in plastic conduit strapped to the size of my rucksack. This means that when the weather is really bad I can operate and go without taking my rucksack off.

I will certainly start asking for more 70cm QSOs from now on.

Glad you managed to qualify both hills yesterday

73 Glyn

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Good to work you both yesterday in what turned out to be not a bad day, wx wise!
I’d left the house at 0530 in the morning to take my daughter back to Uni in Swansea (late stay the night before after Mothers day).
With 105 miles on the clock, I called in and grabbed a McDs breakfast at Neath before hitting Craig y Llyn which was covered in cloud. There were a few snow flurries whilst operating but after that it cleared up and that was the last of the precipitation for the day :slight_smile:
The bonus S2S with Glyn, Vicki and Rod were very welcome. HF condx were dire after the aurora. Only one, yes one contact on 14Mhz! The sky was seriously broken.
Thank goodness for 7Mhz.

The wx was quite splendid by the time I’d treked from Pontsticill up to Cefn yr Ystrad, and was glad to catch Vicki again, who was just about to close down on Mynydd Llangorse.
I was carefully watching the thick black clouds scuttling along the hills further to the south, but no precipitation came my way.
HF condx were marginally better but that’s really all one could say!

Finally, leaving Pontsticill at about 1630, I got stuck behind two minibuses on the road up to Talybont, doing about 15mph. Whilst this is not a road to drive at speed, it was particularly frustrating watching the clock tick away and seeing Tor y Foel off to the right and not getting any closer.
I finally got to the summit of Tor y Foel at 1720 as the light was fading rapidly and great black clouds were moving in towards Waun Rydd opposite.
HF had died a death, and I think, most European chasers had called it quits for the evening or were eating their dinner!
A fruitless call on 20m gained zilch (I was spotted by RBN).
40 metres netted 4 contacts in under 3 minutes and then zilch…
30 metres, I was spotted but was immediately descended on by about 300 stations spread across about 6khz of the band , presumably chasing some DX who was listening some place else!
With regular large static crashes in my headphones I packed up and scarpered.
Thanks to ON6ZQ,EA2DT,OK2PDT and S58MU for making it a valid activation.
It was definately not a great HF day Glyn so you didn’t miss much :wink:
Hope you get the rig sorted soon.

Finally got home at 20:00 with 230 miles on the clock and another 19 points in the bag.
I think that may be my last chance for WB points now until December…

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Activation report for the Gyhirych/Nedd round Trip available here

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