Failed activation of VK4/NT-242

Ealy morning walk up VK4/NT-242 today. Only had a handheld radio with me, but thought I’d give it a go. Put several calls out out. 146.5 but no joy. Couldn’t hang around for long as I was with others.
A nice walk though :slight_smile:
Here’s some photos:


Nice pictures Alan and well done for trying on 2m. We visited VK1 and VK3 in 2017 and also found it a real struggle on 2m, despite putting on spots and alerts beforehand. Even on Mt Kosciuszko, the tallest summit in Australia, we made zero contacts on 2m. Can’t complain too much though, as Nic accepted my marriage proposal on that summit, so it was worth the climb! :grin::heart_eyes: She just has to put up with my SOTA shenanigans on every hike now for ever more…
73, Simon.


So not only does Australia have nasty spiders but stinging trees too!


Hi Alan, I did see your spot; there are repeaters in that area- pity you didn’t use them to drum up contacts. Why no HF

Nice photos though. :+1:

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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Hi Alan,

it’s always a disappointment for everyone when an activation fails. Due to the very low popularity of simplex channels on 2m, hardly anyone can even remember how to move their radio off the local repeaters and often, even calling on those gets no replies. People get into habits of chatting with friends at specific times of the day and the radio is off at other times, or calls are not heard. It really pays to contact the locals in advance to line up some chasers, if you are limited to VHF FM.

The HF bands give you more options but it seems to me, having taken HF gear with me on two separate OS trips, it is far better to make contact with locals and do a joint activation with them on HF, using their equipment and antenna. That means you don’t have to transport hf gear and antenna, pole etc. And the locals know what works, apart from being able to walk up with you or drive you up if that’s an option.

However I like the look of that summit in Cairns and will try to get to it myself one day. It is unfortunately about 2000 km from where I live so it may be some time before I make it.

Good luck with your subsequent activations in VK. I hope you have lined up locals to give you a hand, visitors are always welcome and when you are heard on an HF band you will find at least 4 contacts :slight_smile: and often a few dozen keen to make the contact.

73 Andrew VK1DA/2DA