Failed Activation of OE/TI-095 Rietzer Grießkogel (10 Pts)

Dear all:

I tried to activate OE/TI-095 Rietzer Grießkogel , a nice 10-pointer, today. Unfortunately, we did not reach the summit due to harsh weather and severe avalanche conditions.

During the ascent, there was often a complete white-out, and the avalanche risk level was 3 on the 5-point scale. We heard multiple “Whumpf” sounds (the very impressive sign of a collapse of weak spots or layers in the snow, and a clear indicator of a high risk of avalanches).

My apologies to all the chasers who waited for my CQ; it was just not sensible to go on.

By the way: I had my VX-8 handheld rig with APRS with me all the time. Despite a 1-minute interval for sending position beacons, not a single made it into This indicates that FM contacts in that region might be difficult. Of course, it will be easier from the actual top down into the Inn valley, but I still think it will be a challenge to activate one of the summits in that region by 2m only.

73 de Martin, DK3IT



Looks extreme! The mountain will always be there tomorrow - a very sensible choice to abandon the activation it seems :ok_hand:

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Right decision, Martin!!!Next time comes!

73 Cristos.

Hi all,

I will give it another try tomorrow. Visibility and weather will be better, avalanche situation will have to be examined in the last part of the route.

I think I will be on the summit around 12:00 UTC.

Please chase me if possible!

73 de Martin, DK3IT

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By the way: If successful, this will be only the 2nd activation ever, and the first CW and the first one in winter.

So please keep your fingers crossed :wink:

73 de Martin, DK3IT

Dear all:
This second attempt was a success! Thanks to all chasers and my sincere apologies that I had to QRT before answering all calls, but it was -8 degrees on the summit, my fingers were frozen, and my fellow mountaineers urged me to pack up and start the descent.

I will post an activation report with pictures shortly.

Again, many thanks for chasing!

73 de Martin, DK3IT

Dear Martin,
many tnx for the excellent activation and the fb QSO.
Signal was real nice in JN49HQ.
AWDH und vy73