Failed Activation - GW/NW-001

Not so much failed, more like not attempted.
I arrived at the summit of GW/NW-001 at about 1030 this morning after battling ferocious winds and torrential rain. It was a struggle staying upright on my feet never mind trying to erect antenna! There was a family who were in tears huddling behind the closed café looking a lot like exposure was just waiting in the wings.
Although I had a handie talkie with me it was too much effort even to try that.
Two years ago I would have been gutted to miss out on 10 points, today I was just happy to be out in the mountains.
SOTA has certainly opened up new opportunities!
Anyway I’ll be back to conquer it some other day…

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Tough luck, been there (not GW/NW-001) and and experienced that wx, can be refreshing though. :wink: For what its worth - beautiful sunshine and no wind, just one quick shower here on the lovely Ayrshire coast.

The hill ain’t going anywhere soon.

Neil 2M0NCM

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I have been trying to get up Cadair Berwyn today. (2nd time of trying, after last time the same thing happened)

Cadair Berwyn Weather Forecast (830m) stated that winds in excess of 30 mph where present at the peak - No chance with a 10M squid pole !

I admire your efforts to ascend the mountain and reach the top !, I awoke at 7 am this morning and went straight back to bed. Tomorrow doesn’t look any better. I wasn’t aware of anybody even trying a 1 point summit in the UK today, awful activating weather to say the least.


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Sorry to hear about the problems today Pete. Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt! The wind was gusting to 70mph when Paul G4MD and I activated the summit. Thankfully I was running just 70cm and 23cm so had tiddly size antennas. Paul abandoned 2m SSB and ran FM from his handie - where needs must…

I am sure you will enjoy the return all the more.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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A woman was rescued on Snowdon on Saturday suffering with apparent Mountain Hypothermia.

It has been a very wet and windy couple of days in Wales. Spring and summer in Snowdonia can be pretty rough.